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Your competition cannot have a better state of the website than you! We will assess the state of your website and its chances of success.

Google CrUX reportGoogle CrUX report

CrUX report will reveal your Core Web Vitals

What is Core Web Vitals - the core of user satisfaction?
Google puts a huge emphasis on the speed and usability of your website in terms of its ranking. It evaluates the website in the form of the Core Web Vitals metrics, responsible for monitoring the loading speed, interactivity and visual stability of the site. They are the most important metrics for smooth web loading - simply said, it is the core/foundation of user satisfaction.

If you want to contribute to a good SEO ranking from Google and avoid the increased cost of AdWords advertising, your site needs to pass the Web Vitals test. Your results will be summarized in CrUX Report.

The report evaluates the metrics such as:

  • Loading speed – LCP
  • Web interactivity – FID
  • Visual stability of the web – CLS
  • Other less important metrics

What is CrUX report good for?

The CrUX report shows you the ranking of your site by Google's algorithm within the Core Web Vitals score. The score will reveal what metrics are problematic for your web users. Based on your results we can assess how to improve the speed and usability of your website (by improving Core Web Vitals).

What do bad Core Web Vital values mean for you?
The Core Web Vital score is used by Google to evaluate the SEO position and Cost Per Click in the AdWords advertising network. This means that your competition who has better website optimization (better Core Web Vital score) will get a better SEO position as well as better AdWords CPC.

Website loading test
Core Web Vitals test

How can I improve my Core Web Vitals score?

We will improve your Core Web Vitals score and therefore help your website to get a better ranking on Google. And that’s not everything. Our improvements also lead to a much more pleasant experience for your website visitors.

By increasing the Core Web Vitals score, the bounce rate on your site decreases as well.

The price for CrUX report

The price of the report is 180 USD.

The optimization of your Core Web Vitals score is NOT included in the price.
The level of difficulty of optimization can be different for each website. After evaluating the results from the report, we will calculate a fair price for your optimization.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a CrUX report?

How long does it take to deliver the CrUX report?

Firstly, we will send you an invoice for the report. After completing the payment, we usually deliver the report within a few days, however, sometimes it may take us up to one week at the latest.

How will the CrUX report help you?

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Who will improve my Core Web Vitals score?


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