Cookie GDPR and CCPA ready

Cookie consent solution for your website/e-shop

We will implement cookie solutions on your website/e-shop in compliance with GDPR and CCPA.

How did it use to work?

Most browsers had cookies enabled in their settings and the very act of turning on the browser was considered a consent to store cookies data on all sites.

In practice, this meant that the visitor came to your website, and tools such as Google Analytics automatically started monitoring their behavior and saving files. The cookies bar did pop up, but it only offered the visitor to agree with using the cookies or leave the page.

Bad Cookie GDPR settings
GDPR Cookie Consent Mode

How does it work from January 1st, 2022?

Please be aware that currently, a simple enabling of cookies in the browser settings is NOT considered a consent to store the cookies!

If a visitor comes to your website, the storage of individual cookies such as: ad_storage, analytics_storage or personalization_storage must be blocked until the visitor clicks on the โ€œAllow cookieโ€ button. A visitor cannot be forced to agree in order to continue viewing your site.

Another requirement is that the cookies solution offers the visitor an option to select different types of cookie files that the visitor wants to enable or disable, in addition to the original โ€œagreeโ€ or โ€œdonยดt agreeโ€ options.

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Price for cookie solutions

You can choose from two solutions. The first option is CMP implementation of Cookiebot (quite fast implementation) and the second option is a custom solution from us (for example, our website uses our solution).

CMP Cookiebot solution

Implementation price (one-time)

The implementation price is normally around 160 USD or a website and 320 USD for an e-shop and web application.

Monthly payment

Cookiebot has up to 50 pages and one language version of the tool free. If, however, you need more languages mutation and you have more than 50 pages, you need premium subscription that starts from 12 EUR per month. More ๐Ÿ‘‰ Cookiebot price list.


Cookiebot has very limited customization options design.

Code tampering

In case you use Google Tag Manager (recommended), almost the entire implementation takes place via GTM. Even in that case we will, but we will have to make a minimal intervention in the code (if you are using a CMS it is possible that the intervention in the code will not be needed).

Implementation time

The Cookiebot implementation time, including testing, is one working day.

We are an official partner of Cookiebot

We are an official partner of Cookiebot
Cookiebot solution by Plutus_

Implementation price (one-time)

The price of the implementation usually ranges around 320 USD for the website a from 535 USD for e-shop and web application.

Monthly payment

As part of our solution, you pay nothing monthly.


We can make a cookie bar for you without any restrictions with a custom design. As standard, in the price of the implementation, we will customize the colors, fonts, buttons and more . In case you would like an exclusive custom design, price is increased by 215 USD.

Code tampering

In the case of implementing our solution, a full intervention is required to the code.

Implementation time

The implementation time of the cookie solution, including testing, is 3 to 5 working days.

We will remove the old cookie solution

Do you have an outdated cookie solution?

We will remove the old version of your cookie solution and implement a new solution. Everything will be set up in accordance with the regulations!

Custom design for cookie popup

โ€œDo you have a website, but don't have enough time to take care of it? ๐Ÿ‘‰ Maintenance and development of your websiteโ€


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