Advertising on Facebook

We will create an advertisement for you on Facebook and take care of its effectiveness.

β€œYou don't just build a brand and trust on Facebook. On Facebook, you have the opportunity to acquire new customers. ”

Who is seen, sells.

In order to sell your services to your customers, you need to show yourself to the relevant audience. Facebook offers different ad formats and targeting options to make you visible.

We will come up with creative campaigns that stand out from the crowd.

Creating an advertising campaign for Facebook
Facebook ads management

What benefits will advertising on Facebook bring to you?

Do you want to get new customers? Or be seen by those who have already visited your e-commerce store, but have not yet purchased? Maybe you want to show your new product or service to people who might be interested... There are many options, but there is only one way - to be seen on Facebook.

Use the potential that social media offer to businesses to your advantage.

We will make people see you

What can you expect from us?


Administration of Facebook pages

We will prepare graphics, content and we will fill in and set up your Facebook page. In an engaging way.


Targeted campaigns

We will create effective campaigns that will meet your business goals. Even the most daring ones.


Creative professional texts and graphics

We will create creative texts and prepare Facebook banner graphics or videos for each campaign. You won’t be overlooked.


Constant comprehensive maintenance

We check your campaigns during the course and improve their effectiveness. At the end of the month, you will receive a monthly PDF report.

How does the cooperation with us work?

#1We will look at the competition and the market. Thorough research is a matter of course.
#2 Together we set goals, budget and choose the right advertising formats. To make it work from the beginning in all directions.
#3We will create eye-catching graphics and flawless text. Because what you communicate matters..
#4 We will prepare, set up and target campaigns. Perfect down to the last detail.
#5. We will launch campaigns. It's time to fulfill even the most daring goals
#6We will measure, modify, and improve your campaigns. Because your results are our results.

Do you want to be seen on the Internet?

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