Advertising on Googlu

Do you know how many potential customers search for your services or products on Google every day? We will ensure that potential customers find you easily and quickly on Google through effective advertising.

β€œEven an alien will find your website through a bad advertisement, but only your real potential customer will get there through a good one.”

Creation of advertising campaigns

You tell us who your customers are, and we create campaigns to help you get them. We will create a keyword analysis, and research both the market and advertising potential for your type of business.

Based on the information and data collected, we will create functional campaigns. We'll agree on a budget and get down to business. Don't worry, even with a lower budget we can do magic.

Google settings ads
Google ads managment and reporting

Management and regular optimization of advertising

We will make sure that you are not visited by aliens. Your campaigns will be under constant control to ensure their success. You take care of your customers, and we ensure constant customer traffic.

Every month we will send you a PDF report on the success of the campaigns.

We will choose the right advertising formats for you to get the attention of the right customers.

Google ads - Keywords
Text advertisement based on keywords

Advertisement on Google search

The most frequently used advertising format on Google. This is a text advertisement, which must attract attention with words and messages. A potential customer enters a keyword into Google search, for example "PPC advertising on Google", and in the upper and lower part of the results, they will see advertisements of companies that target the searched term/word with advertisement.

Within this advertisement, you only pay for a click, therefore, if the campaign is set properly, only for the visit of a relevant user on your website.

Google Ads - Display Network
Display of web banners

Advertising in Google Display Network

This is a type of advertising where you build brand awareness. The advertising format is the display of static or animated HTML5 banners on partner websites that cooperate with Google and YouTube.

Google Ads - Video
Video display

Video advertisement

Even in this advertising format, it is more about improving brand awareness rather than direct sales by using video spots. Video advertising is displayed on YouTube and partner websites in the display network.

You know this type of advertising from watching videos on YouTube, for example, when an advertisement pops up in the middle of the content you're watching.

Google ads - Shopping
Products display

Advertising in Google Shopping

Advertising in Google shopping is displayed when searching for specific products and it enables immediate sale. When you enter, for example β€œiPhone 13” in Google search, you will see products with a photo, name, price and seller.

This type of advertisement is suitable mainly for e-commerce stores that have an XML feed connected to Google Merchant (our technical department will connect the webstore).


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